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The Mission of the Public Works Department is to manage, maintain, and develop the City's street system. This is accomplished by maintaining street pavement; operating and maintaining traffic signals, signs and markings; and planning and developing the street system.

The department's major functions include Pavement Preservation, Concrete Restoration, Base Restoration, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Signals, and Signs & Markings.

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Contact Information

Director of Public Works: 
Richard Martinez
Phone:  (361) 826-3419

Assistant Director of Public Works
Traffic Operations, Asset Infrastructure,
Support Services:

Sarah Munoz, P.E.
Phone: (361) 826-3433

Assistant Director of Public Works
Street Operations, Storm Water Operations:

Rolando Mata
Phone: (361) 826-1677

Assistant Director of Public Works
Storm Water Engineering:

Gabriel Hinojosa, P.E.
Phone: (361) 826-1877

Public Works Services

Flashing Yellow Arrow

The Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal, or FYA, are being installed at several local intersections throughout the city.

Overhead Banner Permits

Banners for non-profit events or activities can be placed over the street at seven different locations in the city. The banners have to be permitted and there is a non-refundable application fee.

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

The Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, or PHB, is an overhead signal-beacon designed to help pedestrians safely cross a busy street. A PHB signal works like any other push-button activated pedestrian, a red signal will appear allowing pedestrians to cross safely with a WALK signal.

Public Right-of-Way Blockage Permit

The City prohibits work or activities that in any way obstruct a street, sidewalk or other similar public place except those operating according to a valid Public Right-of-Way Blockage Permit.

Sidewalk and Curb & Gutter Problems

By City Ordinance, the property owner is responsible for sidewalk maintenance. Occasionally small stretches of sidewalk are repaired or replaced as part of a street project.

Street Maintenance Fee

Corrections to your Street Maintenance Fee charge, requests for a change in land use designation, or requests for a Low Income Discount can be done with the forms provided here. 

Street Pavement Problems

If you want to report a pot hole, a cave-in or any other type of street pavement problem, call the City's Call Center and a work order will be created.

Traffic Control Devices

You can request installation of certain traffic control devices. Examples include speed humps, stop signs, traffic signals, crosswalks, or parking restrictions. 

Traffic Signal & Street Sign Problems

To report traffic signals that are malfunctioning or street signs that are down or damaged, call the City's Call Center and a work order will be created.


Our Partner for Streets

Engineering Services Department webpage

Paving the way for you.

—Department motto

Richard E. Martinez

Director of Public Works, Richard E. Martinez

Richard E. Martinez joined the City of Corpus Christi Public Works Department on January 21, 2020 as the Director of Public Works. Mr. Martinez oversees Streets, Traffic and Storm Water. In this role he will be responsible for the maintenance, construction and operations of the city’s storm water infrastructure, traffic signal systems, pavement markings, street signage, street maintenance and construction as well as the entire transportation and engineering planning sections.

Mr. Martinez comes to us from the City of Fort Worth where he served the Assistant Director of Transportation and Public Works responsible for the Streets and Storm Water Operations, Construction and Maintenance programs. He oversaw multiple divisions with more than 40 million in capital and maintenance funding. Mr. Martinez has also worked in the City of San Antonio Transportation and Capital Improvements Department and has held progressive management positions overseeing and directing multiple in-house crews and contractors related to Streets and Storm Water Operations and Maintenance programs.

Richard has been employed in municipal government for more than 29 years and has been involved in multiple major complex construction and maintenance related projects. He has received many honors for his accomplishments throughout his career and recently was named “Top Public Works Leader of the Year” for 2019 by the American Public Works Association’s Texas Chapter.

Mr. Martinez holds and Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio.