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The Street Operations Department has three teams that deal with pavement and street maintenance:  Surface Preservation, Base Restoration, and Curb & Gutter Repair.  The employees in these three groups are responsible for the day to day maintenance of the City's streets.  (Larger projects such as complete street reconstruction are managed by the Engineering Services Department.) Street maintenance activities are headquartered at the Street Operations Department building at 2525 Hygeia.

Surface Preservation

The maintenance activities performed by the Surface Preservation team include: In-house preventative maintenance: chip sealing, crack sealing, pavement skin patch repair, level-up of settlement and low spots, and construction of speed humps.   Also responsible for the management of the materials yard.  Typically seal coating is performed during the warmer/drier months of the year and crack sealing is performed in cooler months.  This group consists of 24 FTEs which make up one seal coat crew and reassembles in cool months as four 5-person crack sealing crews and four 6-person crews (24 FTEs), two for level-up and two skin patching.

Base Restoration

The maintenance activities performed by the Base Restoration team include: Street repairs that require digging deeper than the surface to make repairs.  This includes pothole repairs, utility cut repairs (by other City departments) and base failure repairs.  This function is also responsible for hauling all heavy equipment to job sites for the department and on occasion for other city departments as requested.   This group consists of four 3-person pothole crews (12 FTEs) and three 7-person base failure/utility cut crews (21 FTEs). 

Curb & Gutter Repair

Replacement and repair of small sections of curb & gutter and guardrails as well as minor bridge repairs.  The group consists of three 4-person crews.  Total group consists of 17 FTEs