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Dockless vehicles consist of devices such as bicycle or scooters that do not require fixed docking stations for users to receive or return units. Dockless vehicles, specifically dockless scooters, are a part of a shared active transportation network which are placed in the public right-of-way for rent in short-term increments. These networks provide increased mobility options over short distances in urban areas.

This new transportation product is often considered to be an excellent option to make first and last mile trips in complement to traditional transit. Other benefits of dockless mobility are the reduction of parking conflicts, the potential to extend visits to our Downtown, gets people out of cars, has potential to accelerate redevelopment and is a potential revenue stream for the improvement of bike lanes and/or sidewalks.

Currently, there are two companies offering dockless scooters in Corpus Christi. Bird Rides provides black and silver scooters, with a total of 600 distributed throughout the city. Lime scooters, on the other hand, are white, lime-green, and black, also with 600 available in various locations throughout the city.

Dockless Vehicles Survey Results, January 3, 2019 »