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To report traffic signals that are malfunctioning or street signs that are down or damaged, call the City's Call Center and a work order will be created. Call the emergency number to report problems with one-way signs. 


Report a Problem

Contact our City’s Call Center (361) 826-2489 for any traffic signal issues or complaints. Complaints such as: signals stuck on red, signals stuck on red flash, signal all dark, signals knocked down, or before you dig/excavate at a signalized intersection.

One-way signs that are down or missing are considered an emergency. Call (361) 548-6721 as soon as possible. For emergencies or any Traffic Signal and School Zone Flashing Beacons issues after hours please contact (361) 815-1379.


Non-Emergency Complaints 
(361) 826-2489

For Emergencies 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
(361) 548-6721

For Emergencies After Hours 
(361) 815-1379

Customer Call Center