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The City of Corpus Christi is committed to making information and communication technologies accessible to individuals with disabilities by meeting or exceeding the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Section 508 is a federal law that requires agencies to provide individuals with disabilities access to electronic and information technology and data comparable to those who do not have disabilities. More information on Section 508 and the technical standards can be found at

Accessibility features which have been incorporated into this site, include:

  • Text Alternatives: Photos are labeled with Alternative Text.
  • Responsive: Content elements respond to the display size.
  • Sufficient Contrast: Our color scheme provides sufficient contrast for all users. 
  • Keyboard Accessible: The website can be navigated through keyboard access only.
  • Seizure Considerations: We have not incorporated elements that blink or flash. 
  • Navigable: We have applied a consistent navigation for every page on the site. 
  • Readable: We strive to use clear, simple language and large enough font sizes.
  • Predictable: Interface elements will have the same styles and behaviors.

In addition to optimizing web pages for accessibility, most PDF documents are optimized with readable text. The City is still in the process of trying to eliminate scanned PDFs that render as images to screen readers.

If you are someone who uses a screen-reader and you've encounter a document, web page or form that is not readable by your screen-reader, please contact us for further assistance. For questions, comments or requests about accessibility of information and communication technologies, please call the Customer Call Center at 311 (within city limits) or 361-826-2489 (outside city limits) and ask to speak with the City's Webmaster.