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Stage 2 Water Restrictions are in effect

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(Residential, Commercial and Industrial)

Who is in charge of the dockless vehicles? Individual private companies operated and maintain the dockless services. The City of Corpus Christi has developed terms and conditions for operations. The City is conducting an initial six-month pilot program to determine how dockless vehicles should operate moving forward.

How do I report scooters that are blocking sidewalk? You should report the issue to the company providing the service. Contact information is provided for each company here.

How do I sign up to use one? Visit the website or mobile app of the company.

Where should the scooters be parked?

  • No parking on streets
  • No parking in parking spaces
  • Must be parked upright on sidewalks

May not be parked in a way that blocks:

  • Bicycle lanes
  • Transit stops, shelters, or platforms
  • Commercial loading zones
  • Railroad tracks or crossings
  • Passenger loading zones or valet parking services areas
  • Disabled parking zones
  • Street furniture that requires pedestrian access (ie. Benches)
  • Buildings entryways
  • Vehicular driveways
  • Pedestrian Access (including disabled access)
  • Wheelchair Ramps