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Marina fires can grow so rapidly that firefighters have a difficult time confining and extinguishing this type of fire. Rapid extinguishing of this type of fire is not likely. Many times firefighters find themselves just trying to limit the fire growth and protecting exposures. The key to saving lives and property lies in fire prevention.

Educating boat owners who may not have the skills or knowledge to recognize fire hazards that may exist aboard their vessels is the first step in prevention. Below is a list from Seaworthy Magazine that list causes of fires started aboard a vessel.

  1. AC and DC wiring/appliance - 55%
  2. Engine/Transmission Overheat - 24%
  3. Fuel Leaks - 8%
  4. Miscellaneous - 7%
  5. Unknown - 5%
  6. Stove - 1%

 A marina occupied by tenants who are knowledgeable in fire prevention helps create a safer marina that all can enjoy.