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The emergency response plan should outline the responsibilities of tenants and staff personnel.
The establishment of a marina safety committee to develop an emergency plan that outlines the duties of staff should follow in the event of a fire. The committee should include marina management as well as a member of your local Fire Department. Below is a list of some of the components that should be included in your response plan.

  • Dial 911 to report the emergency
  • Evacuate tenants and visitors
  • Shut down the fuel dock
  • Shut down the utilities
  • Attempt to move adjacent boats away from fire area
  • Move vehicles that are blocking access to fire area
  • Have a staff member be in contact with the fire incident commander


The training of staff personnel should include giving pertinent information when reporting a fire, conducting an evacuation, and extinguishing a fire using a site source. The scheduling of a marina fire drill should include fire response personnel and should be conducted at least twice a year.