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The Development Services Department is responsible for administering a number of land development ordinances and among other things, providing information to the public on zoning and platting.

What is Zoning?

Zoning is an instrument granted by the State of Texas which allows cities to develop in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. Zoning aids rational land utilization and economic provision of public facilities and services. In Corpus Christi, zoning ensures proper land use relationships; provides sufficient land area for each development type; and allows a change to more intensive uses only in areas with adequate facilities and services, such as streets, schools, recreation areas, and utility systems. Zoning also directs new growth to appropriate areas and protects existing property and uses from incompatible adjacent development. The Corpus Christi Unified Development Code (UDC) establishes the zoning regulations and districts that have been made in accordance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and for the purpose of promoting public health, safety, and general welfare.



Unified Development Code (Current Land Development Code) »

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Forms & Applications

Zoning Forms, Applications and Instructions are listed alongside all Development Services Forms and can be found in the 4000's section:

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Board of Adjustment

Zoning Board of Adjustment »


The Zoning Process

An application for a change of zoning (or rezoning) requires two public hearings, one before the Planning Commission and one before the City Council. Please note that the Planning Commission and City Council may conduct their public hearings over one or more meetings. The applicant or representative should be present at the hearings.

All surrounding property owners within 200 feet of the area being rezoned will be notified by mail 10 days before the Planning Commission public hearing. The notice advises property owners of their right to appear and express their opinion at the hearing or submit written comments.

After considering all the facts presented at the public hearing, the Planning Commission will take an action that is a recommendation to the City Council. The rezoning request will then be forwarded to the City Manager's Office to be scheduled for a City Council public hearing.

All surrounding property owners within 200 feet will be notified by mail 10 days before the City Council public hearing. A notice will also be published in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times newspaper 15 days before the City Council hearing.

If a valid protest of 20% or more of the land area within the 200-foot notification area is filed with the City, a rezoning shall not become effective except by a favorable vote of three-fourths of all the City Council.

Applicants may withdraw an application (in writing) at any time during the rezoning process, however, the City will not refund application fees after the application has been submitted and deemed complete.

If the Planning Commission or City Council takes action on the rezoning request, no further applications to rezone any portion of the subject property may be considered for a period of 12 months unless a waiver is granted.

As a general rule, the time period involved from the submission of a complete application to the approval of the rezoning by City Council is two and a half months. This time period often increases depending on the complexity of the rezoning request and the number of cases currently on the docket.

NOTE: It is important to understand that approval of a rezoning cannot be construed as amending the Building Code, Fire Code, or any other applicable ordinances.