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Fee schedules for building permits, planning and zoning, storm water and other general fees are found in Part 1, Chapter 14, Article XIII: Development Service Fees in the Corpus Christi Code of Ordinances. 

City Code for Development Service Fees »

Permit & Plan Review Fee Calculator »

City Code For Municipal Solid Waste System Service Charge  »

The link for the MSW calculator can be found :

To help our customers better plan for a successful project, we understand cost is an important factor. In order to assist in your project planning, we have created several useful calculators for your use based on residential or commercial projects. They are broken out by component for better project planning. While we tried to cover all of the major aspects of the building permit, please be aware, that some fees, such as fees for multiple plan reviews, are not included. They are based on a per project basis and therefore are difficult to calculate.

All projects and permits are priced on a valuation basis.  Please be sure to use the calculator that is effective on October 1, 2010.