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Operations Bureau Assistant Chief
Asst. Chief: David A Blackmon        
Office: (361) 886-2605
Cell: (361) 739-7432

Operations Bureau is responsible for maintaining public order, enforcing state and local laws, crime detection and prevention, and community outreach. The Operations Bureau is comprised of the uniform patrol division, neighborhood enforcement team, Gang Unit, K9 Unit, and Traffic Unit. There is 1 Deputy Chief, 8 Captains, 29 Lieutenants, 4 civilians, and over 200 officers assigned to the Operation Bureau. The Uniform Patrol Division is divided into 4 Districts (Adam, Bravo, Charlie and Delta) that are managed an Operation’s Captain.


Operation Bureau Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief: Hollis D. Bowers
Office: (361) 886-2682
Cell: (361) 331-5362

The Operations Bureau Deputy Chief is responsible for the patrol and first responder duties. This Division includes the Adam, Bravo, Charlie and Delta patrol districts. In addition to patrol, the Uniform Division is also responsible for the Crime Reduction Unit, Police Reserve Officers, the Field Training Officer Program, the Traffic Section, and the Gang Unit.


Operations Bureau Executive Officer
Captain: Ed Shannon
Office: (361) 886-2683
Cell: (361) 442-3493

The Operations Bureau Executive Officer assists the bureau’s Deputy Chiefs with the day to day administration of the bureau. The Operations Bureau Executive Officer reports directly to Bureau Deputy Chief. The Executive Officer also supervises the Police Reserve Program.


Adam District Captain
Captain: Weldon Weber
Office: (361) 886-8353
Cell: (361) 946-0498

The Adam district is located in the cities extreme northwest. In addition to industrial areas, there are a number of residential developments, as well. The district is further divided into 4 beats. View the CCPD District Map and see beats A10, A20, A30, and A40.


Bravo District Captain
Captain: Frank Perez
Office: (361) 826-4050
Cell: (361) 232-7776

The Bravo district encompasses Flour Bluff and Padre Island. The district is divided into 4 beats. View the CCPD District Map and see beats B10, B20, B30, and B40.


Charlie District Captain
Captain: Steven Gonzalez
Office: (361) 826-3743
Cell: (361) 779-0892

The Charlie district is often referred to as our city’s “Southside.” It includes many retail shopping and dining opportunities, as well as residential areas. The district is further divided into 9 beats. View the CCPD District Map and see beats C10, C20, C30, C40, C50, C60, C70, C80, and C90.


Delta District Captain
Captain: Trenade Paddock-Roberts
Office: (361) 886-2853
Cell: (361) 232-3810

The Delta District is located in the city’s oldest and most historic area. The district also includes North Beach. The district is further divided into 9 beats. View the CCPD District Map and see beats D10, D20, D30, D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, and D90.


Uniform Patrol Traffic Section - More Info »
Captain: Tim Frazier
Office: (361) 886-2686
Cell: (361) 232-6470

The Traffic Unit is responsible for Motor Vehicle Crash Investigations, Traffic Enforcement, DWI Enforcement, Traffic Control and Police Rotation Wreckers. Traffic Investigators follow up on all traffic-related criminal charges that are said to be filed for prosecution. Traffic Officers take appropriate enforcement actions to address unsafe driving, bicyclist or pedestrian behavior, and focus on areas with high incidences of traffic crashes, as well as respond to neighborhood and citizen complaints. Traffic Enforcement is achieved with the usage of the departments marked Police and Motorcycle Units, and unmarked Police Units. The Traffic Unit works closely with other departments to develop and implement Traffic Control Plans for Special Events. More Information »


Gang Unit - More Info »
Captain: Donald Moore
Office: (361) 826-4072
Cell: (361) 548-8762

The Corpus Christi Police Department Gang Unit (formerly called JET) has been in existence since April of 1992, when it was initially formed to combat the sudden rise of violent crime committed by a burgeoning number of local criminal street gangs. The unit, which began with four officers, currently consists of thirteen (13) officers, two Lieutenants, and one Captain. The primary mission for the Gang Unit is the suppression of violent street and prison gangs. More Information »


Crime Reduction Unit - More Info »
Captain: Brandi Moss
Office: (361) 826-2968
Cell: (361) 389-8235

The Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) encompasses Bikes, Directed Patrol Officers, Enduros, and Crime Prevention.  CRU diligently collaborates with citizens, businesses, community leaders and other city departments to combat crime and quality of life issues from different vantage points to find solutions that cannot be met by a singular entity. CRU participates in community events and meetings providing presentations and information. Because the Corpus Christi Police Department believes strongly in supporting our community, CRU maintains an active role in numerous functions - Operation Safe Return, Shop with a Cop, Christmas food basket and toy delivery, and Neighborhood on Watch. More Information »