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The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) compiles the annual Operating and Capital Budget documents. OMB assists City departments in compiling their annual budgets and ensures compliance with the annual budget. The Office of Strategic Management (OSM) guides efforts to continuously improve operations and to become more efficient and effective. OSM conducts departmental evaluations and recommends improvements for departments, divisions, and functions, and creates and sustains cohesive systems of management and accountability throughout the City organization. Three key organization-wide management tools created and managed by OSM include Business Plans, Quickbase Task Tracking system, and the City Performance Report (CPR). 

Contact Information

For Budget and Strategic Management

Address: 1201 Leopard Street, 5th Floor,
                 Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Director, Eddie Houlihan
Phone: (361) 826-3792

Christine Garza
Budget Manager
Phone: (361) 826-3221

Kamil Taras
CIP Budget Manager
Phone: (361) 826-3242

Saundra Thaxton
Assistant Director, Office of Strategic Management
Phone: (361) 826-3682

Budget & Strategic Management Services

FY2018-2019 Budget Workshop I (02-15-2018) - Presentation


Public Budget Meetings

The City holds a series of “open house” events around the community to get input from residents to assist City Council and staff in developing a budget for the next fiscal year.

Eddie Houlihan, Director of Budget and Strategic Management

Eddie Houlihan, Director of Budget and Strategic Management