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2022 Tax Rates
View the latest Notice of Public Hearing and the Notice About 2022 Tax Rates.

On September 7, 2021, City Council approved $100,000 in the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Operating Budget to provide home builders fee waivers if they would build residential for sale homes on infill lots. The program will increase the availability of homes for sale at an affordable price.

Waivable fees include building permit and plan review fees, municipal solid waste fees, and tap fees for water, wastewater, and gas. Reinspection fees are not included. Waived fees are not to exceed $7,000 per home. For more information, contact the Fee Waiver program at

Properties Approved for Fee Waivers (Download XLSX) »
August 23, 2022

Housing Development Fee Waivers for Non-qualifying Homebuyers Program Guidelines »
December 14, 2021

Housing Development Fee Waivers for Non-qualifying Homebuyers Application »
January 6, 2022

Notice of Lien »
January 6, 2022


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City Approves Housing Development Fee Waiver Program »
December 14, 2021


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