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Goal 1: Mayor Will Proclaim Corpus Christi's commitment to Vision Zero

  • Objective 1.1: Mayor and Council members to discuss Vision Zero
  • Objective 1.2: Proclamation for Vision Zero for the first 2020 City Council Meeting


Goal 2: Develop Collaborative Leadership & Accountability

  • Objective 2.1: Partner with local elected officials and key stakeholder to discuss Vision Zero
  • Objective 2.2: Develop a Vision Zero Stakeholder Network


Goal 3: Establish Vision Zero Action Plan

  • Objective 3.1: Collect, analyze, and utilize data to develop Vision Zero Action Plan
  • Objective 3.2: Develop Action Plan with Vision Zero Stakeholder Network
  • Objective: 3.3: Develop criteria that will assist in the design of Vision Zero streets and will prioritize safety


Goal 4: Conduct Educational Outreach

  • Objective 4.1: Prioritize equity and engagement through the utilization of data
  • Objective 4.2: Develop educational campaign to effectively and efficiently provide information to residents
  • Objective 4.3: Create a website and social media outlets to keep residents up to date on current activities