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Emergency Alert

The City of Corpus Christi has implemented four new programs for customers impacted by the winter storm. Learn more at

  • Gas Utility Bill Mitigation Program
  • Water Utility Bill Relief Program
  • Off-Cycle Brush Removal Plan
  • Emergency Plumbing Repair Program

Learn about the City of Corpus Christi's Fire Code Inspections and Permits process and the International Fire Code (IFC).

Annual Permits
The Fire Prevention Bureau inspects businesses on a regular basis. Upon passing inspection, the inspector will issue a permit to operate. Some of the items the Inspector will look for are working exit lights, emergency exit lights, proper exit doors, proper storage, fire extinguishers, proper use of extension cords, and ceiling tiles in place. If you have any questions or concerns, please call a Fire Inspector at (361) 826-3930.

Certificate of Occupancy (CofO)
 A general inspection is conducted for compliance with the Life Safety Code and International Fire Code 2015. Inspectors will check plans and ensure construction is per plan.
Fire Alarm Acceptance Testing
All newly installed commercial Fire Alarms and additions are required to have an acceptance test witnessed by a CCFD Fire Inspector.
Standpipe Acceptance Flow Test
 All standpipe systems shall be subjected to a flow test when installed.
A Fire Prevention Inspector will inspect above and underground flammable liquid tanks for fire code compliance.

CCFD Plan Review Forms

CCFD Plans Review Instructions »

Fire Protection Plan Review Application »

Fire Alarm Plan Submittal Requirements »

Fire Pump Plan Submittal Requirements »

Fire Sprinkler Plan Submittal Requirements »

Standpipe Plan Submittal Requirements »

Underground Fire Plan Submittal Requirements »