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Emergency Alert

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The City of Corpus Christi has adopted the 2015 International Fire Code (IFC). Is your business compliant with the City's Fire Code? Here are some common Code Violation you can check for now.

  1. Fire extinguisher not maintained or missing. Extinguishers need to be certified once per year.
  2. Fire extinguishing systems not tested or maintained. Fire Extinguishing systems need to be tested semi-annually.
  3. Smoke alarms inoperable or with missing batteries.
  4. The use of extension cords. Extension cords should not be used in place of permanent wiring.
  5. Exit signs not working. Signs need a specific minimum level of light to ensure legibility in both normal and emergency modes.
  6. Emergency lights not working. An egress (unobstructed walkway used to exit) should be illuminated by a self-contained power source such as a battery.
  7. Exit doors – The exit paths and doors should not be blocked.
  8. Electrical panel missing blanks or electrical panel blocked.
  9. Grills on balconies. Grills need to be located 10’ from combustible structures.
  10. Holes in ceilings and walls.
  11. Fire alarm system not tested or maintained. Alarms need to be tested once per year.
  12. Storage of flammable material – Gasoline is not allowed to be stored in any residential or mixed use occupancy unless in a specifically designed area.
  13. Maintenance areas are allowed to store no more than 10 gallons of gasoline in approved containers.
  14. Proper storage – No combustibles can be stored under stairways. Mechanical rooms and Electrical rooms also can not be used as storage room.
  15. Bedroom windows inoperable - Each sleeping are must have at least one operable window.

Check these items now and prevent a re-inspection later. If you have a question regarding compliance please call (361) 826-3930 and ask to speak with a Fire Inspector.