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A large technical drawing showing the scope of the rebuild.



Project Consultant Architect:              LNV, Inc.

City Project Manager:                           Sandra L. Gomez, P.E. and Larry H. Wenger Jr., P.E.

Contractor:                                            JE Construction Services, LLC

Construction Inspectors:                     John Rivera

Liquidation Damages:                           $2,500/day

Award Date:                                           March 2020

Anticipated Construction Start:           January 2021

Anticipated Completion:                       September 2021

Total Project Value:                               $3,031,345



Project improvements include a full-depth concrete reconstruction of the four-lane roadway and a center turn lane, new curb and gutter, sidewalks, ADA ramps, signage, pavement markings, RTA improvements, and pedestrian facility improvements. Utility improvements include new underground storm water and water, with minor adjustments to wastewater. 

Construction is anticipated to take about 7 months.