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Investigations Bureau Office
Assistant Chief: Todd Green
Phone: (361) 886-2604
Cell: (361) 533-2129

The Investigations Bureau handles all the follow-up criminal investigations until the cases can be closed. 


Criminal Investigations Division (CID)
Deputy Chief: James Lerma
Office: (361) 886-2846
Cell: (361) 549-4913

Executive Officer: Captain Patrick McMenamy
Office: (361) 886-2847
Cell: (361) 558-8762

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is primarily responsible for follow-up investigations and the filing of cases with the District Attorney’s Office. This is accomplished with 48 sworn and 4 civilian investigators divided into 5 unit each supervised by a Lieutenant. The five units include Robbery/Homicide, Family Violence, Theft/Burglary, Auto Theft and Auto Burglary, and Special Investigations. Special Investigations includes the Graffiti Task Force and two officers assigned to the U.S. Marshalls Violent Offender Task Force.  CID is also responsible for the administration of 3 grants to include the Auto Theft Task Force (ATTF) and two victims’ grants (VAWA and VOCA).


Family Violence Unit - More Info »
Phone: (361) 886-2670
The Family Violence unit investigates cases where the alleged perpetrator is either a family member or an acquaintance. The caseload consists of misdemeanor assaults, felony aggravated assaults, sexual assaults involving both children and adults and crimes against the elderly. The Family Violence Unit works closely with various outside agencies including Child Protective Services, Driscoll Children's Hospital, Texas Department of Public Safety, The Nueces County Medical Examiner's Office, The Nueces County Children's Advocacy Center and area law enforcement agencies. More Information »


Robbery / Homicide Unit - More Info »
Phone: (361) 886-2841

Robbery / Homicide Unit is primarily responsible for the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of individuals involved in misdemeanor and felony crimes against person offenses that are not family related. More Information »


Special Investigations Unit - More Info »
Phone: (361) 886-2840

The Special Investigations Unit is divided into three sections: Financial Crimes, Graffiti follow up investigations and U.S. Marshal Task Force. More Information »


Theft / Burglary Unit - More Info »
Phone: (361) 886-2840

The CCPD Theft/Burglary Unit investigates crimes involving theft by check, theft from a person, shoplifters, auto burglaries, theft of services, criminal mischiefs, gas drive offs, reckless damage, burglary, cruelty to animals, and recovery of property from pawn shops involving theft crimes.  More Information »


Auto Theft / Burglary Unit - More Info »
Phone: (361) 886-2841

The Auto Theft/Burglary Unit Investigates the theft and recovery of stolen vehicles. Within the Auto Theft/Burglary Unit is the Auto Theft Task Force, which is grant funded to work proactively on auto thefts. ​​​​​​ More Information »


Narcotics / Vice Investigations Division
Deputy Chief: Hollis D. Bowers
Office: (361) 886-2682
Cell: (361) 331-5362

Executive Officer: Captain Denny Asbury
Phone: (361) 886-2655
Cell: (361) 815-4319

The mission of the Narcotics/Vice Investigations Division is to investigate and eradicate narcotics and vice related crimes, including illegal drug distribution, prostitution, obscenity/ pornography violations, gambling, liquor law violations, S.O.B. (sexually oriented business) violations, underage drinking, and tobacco violations.
These crimes tear at the fabric of our community, undermine the welfare of our children, and adversely affect the quality of life in Corpus Christi. For those reasons, the officers of the Narcotics/Vice Investigations Division are committed toward the successful prosecution of violators and the eradication of drugs through partnerships within the civilian and law enforcement community. 

Narcotics Vice Investigators need your help to combat illegal drug trafficking.  If you are aware of or suspect drug trafficking in your neighborhood or the location of a wanted drug fugitive, you can report this anonymously to  Including as much information as possible will assist NVID Detectives to successfully investigate your complaint.  You can then follow the progress of your tip on the Stop Drugs Corpus Christi web page.


Organized Crime (OCU)
Captain Trenade Paddock-Roberts
Work: (361) 232-3810
Office: (361)886-2656
The mission of the Corpus Christi Police Department Organized Crime Unit (OCU) is to collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence information regarding those individuals suspected of engaging in criminal conspiracies, white collar crime, public corruption, terrorism, or membership in prison, street, or outlaw motorcycle gangs.  The Captain of the OCU reports directly to the Investigations Assistant Chief of Police.
OCU partners with the United States Secret Service to provide dignitary protection and is the region’s premiere unit to conduct forensic analysis of all types of digital media. OCU also has the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which works in a regional capacity to prevent the online predation of children.


Bob May
Office: (361) 886-2636

Crime Scene Investigators in our accredited forensic laboratory are responsible for the documentation, collection, preservation, analysis, and processing of evidence that is identified and recovered at various crime scenes resulting from crimes against both property and persons.