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The Corpus Christi Police Department Crime Prevention Specialists are able to provide up-to-date Frauds & Scams information in order to assist the citizens of Corpus Christi from becoming victims of these types of crimes. The Crime Prevention Specialists are knowledgeable in Pigeon Drops, Mail Fraud, Telephone Scams. and Lottery Scams.

To request a program on Fraud and Scams or to hear more information, contact the Corpus Christi Police Department Crime Prevention Division at 886-2765.



This scam consists of the victim being approached by a suspect that informs them that he/she has a large sum of money. How or why they got the money varies but they all say that they want to give the money to the victim to hold or take care of. However, before they turn over the money, the victim has to show the suspect that they have their own money. They usually request to see several thousand dollars. As the victim gets and shows his money, a switch is made and the victim is left with a bag of paper scraps. This scam works because the suspect gains the trust of the victim and they usually offer to split or give the large sum of money to the victim.

A pigeon drop is a type of scam in which a con artist asks someone to keep their cash safe for them by putting their money together. The money gets switched and the con artist leaves with all the cash.

In the pigeon drop scam, swindlers work in pairs or in teams. One befriends an unsuspecting consumer, the "pigeon," while the other approaches them with money or valuables he claims just to have found. After some rehearsed conversation, the con artists agree to split the money three ways with you and arrange to meet at a lawyer's office or somewhere else of their choosing. But can they trust you, they ask? To get your share, you'll need to put up some "good faith" money, which they will return to you after the goods are divided. To prove yourself trustworthy, you turn over a large sum of money to them and, later, go to meet them at the designated spot. Soon after arriving, you realize the pair is long gone--and so is your money.