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(Residential, Commercial and Industrial)

Robbery Prevention

The Robbery Prevention program is designed to prevent robberies in businesses that are vulnerable to these violent crimes. Employers and employees are educated on the latest robbery prevention techniques and suspect identification practices. Employees are also taught what to do during a robbery in order to minimize the chance of injury.


Shoplifting Prevention

Our Shoplifting Prevention presentations are based on the concept that the best deterrent to shoplifting is an alert, well-trained sales staff who diligently attend to the needs of each customer. Employers and employees are educated on the tactics used by shoplifters, as well as the best ways to spot shoplifters. Information on legal responsibilities involved in the apprehension of the shoplifter is also provided, as well as information on the internal theft. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Crime Prevention Division at (361) 886-2765.

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