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National Night Out

Each year thousands of Corpus Christi residents participate in National Night Out. This unique crime and drug prevention event is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch (NATW), and is scheduled yearly for the first Tuesday in October from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Corpus Christi has been a National Award winner since 1985, in this America's "Night Out" against crime event. To become involved and register your area to participate, please contact the Corpus Christi Police Department's Crime Prevention Division at (361) 886-2765.


Neighbors on Watch (NOW)

The NOW program is designed to bring citizens in a neighborhood together to increase safety and decrease crime. It increases citizen's awareness through education and participation, focusing on two primary areas of citizen responsibility: (1) action taken during the commission of a crime; and (2) action taken before the crime is committed. The NOW program emphasizes the importance of citizens working together at the neighborhood level while serving as the "eyes and ears" of the Police Department. A Crime Prevention Specialist will provide information to help you get started, and will also attend your first meeting to explain the NOW program and offer home security tips and other safety related information.

Persons wishing to organize a Neighbors on Watch program should contact the Crime Prevention Section of the Corpus Christi Police Department at (361) 886-2765 or if you would like to schedule a presentation for your community or organization, click here.


Checklist for Organizing a Neighbors on Watch Program

I. Talk with neighbors and friends. Nominate a Block Captain for your area.

II. Contact the Corpus Christi Police Department - The Crime Prevention Division phone number is (361) 886-2765. Coordinate the program through this office to avoid duplication.

III. Planning the first neighborhood meeting - Schedule the date for the first Neighbors on Watch meeting with the Neighborhood Block Captain. The Neighborhood Block Captain will be responsible for securing a location for the Neighbors on Watch meeting. Design a simple notice announcing the meeting or use a notice provided by the Crime Prevention Unit.

You may request to have a Crime Prevention Advisor and/or a Directed Patrol Officer for your area attend the first meeting. Contact the Crime Prevention Office to make arrangements with a Crime Prevention Advisor and/or Directed Patrol Officer.

IV. The first meeting - The initial meeting will provide information about the Neighbors on Watch program and how it operates. A Crime Prevention Advisor will present information on Home Security and other related topics. The Neighbors on Watch Block Captain should be selected, along with a Co-Block Captain during this meeting. The Co-Block Captain will substitute in the absence of the Block Captain. Once an area is organized, the Neighbors on Watch group should develop a calendar with dates and topics for future meetings.