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The City of Corpus Christi has biennially approved and implemented a two-year General Obligation Bond program that consist of citywide infrastructure projects that are approved by voters. It has been anticipated that this cycle would continue with Bond 2020. In recent months, staff have developed a project list from needs identified, in part, in the City’s 10-year Capital Improvement Plan. Staff is recommending projects utilizing the following guiding principles:

  • Investment in Major Corridors
  • Project Continuation
  • Increase Connectivity
  • Increase Road Capacity for High Growth Areas
  • Leverage Match Projects
  • Enhance Functionality of Recreational Areas
  • Major Signature Park Projects as opposed to Maintenance Projects
  • Improve Public Safety Facilities

The Bond 2020 Program will be on the election ballot in separate propositions in accordance with legal requirements. Voters will be asked to consider each of the propositions separately on November 3, 2020.

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