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Eligible individuals may register for a COVID-19 vaccination clinic online or by calling 361-561-1101

The link to the registration form titled "Registration Form" can be found below these instructions. Clicking this link will take you to the Luminare registration website. 

If you have severe reactions with immunizations, please consult with your physician prior to registering for COVID-19 vaccination.

phone with QR Code

COVID-19 Vaccine is currently being distributed in a phased approach based on the recommendation of the Department of State Health Services and the Expert Vaccine Allocation Panel. 

  • It is recommended to use your mobile phone to register for the vaccination, so you can screenshot the QR code at the end of the registration. Upon arrival, you will show the screenshot photo from your phone screen for speedy check-in.  
  • OR, If you use your home computer for this registration, please have a printer available so you can print the QR code at the end of the registration.  
  • OR, If you are not able to use your mobile phone and do not have a printer, please write your name, date of birth and phone number and place in your windshield.        




Data from Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) may have different lag times between different metrics, due to time allowed for reporting and scheduled updates. For weekly metrics, please view the Explore Data links below, and select Nueces County from drop-down options.

Total of Vaccines Administered in Nueces County: Explore Data

Number of People Vaccinated with at least One Dose: Explore Data

Number of People Fully Vaccinated: Explore Data



Nueces County is expected to receive vaccines every week so residents will have many opportunities to register. Those interested in receiving a vaccination are encouraged to stay informed.

For questions regarding vaccinations, you may contact the Health District at 361-826-7200 and select option 2.



V-safe is a smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health check-ins after you receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Through v-safe, you can quickly tell CDC if you have any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Depending on your answers, someone from CDC may call to check on you and get more information.