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The Cefe Valenzuela Landfill property is located in Nueces County, 14 miles southwest of Corpus Christi’s City Hall, at the intersection of Farm to Market 2444 and County Road 20. The coordinates and elevation are: Latitude 27º 38' 12" N, Longitude 97º 34' 05" W, and Elevation 46.07 feet above medial sea level (msl).

The Cefe Valenzuela landfill property covers 2,273.59 acres. The layout includes the construction of two Type I municipal solid waste landfill units, each measuring approximately 810 acres. All landfill activity will occur within a 500’ buffer zone that will surround the property perimeter. Any proposed facility changes require approval from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

The landfill permit specifies how the City must safely store, process, and dispose of waste materials. All waste must be disposed of in accordance with the rules and orders of the TCEQ and the laws of the State of Texas. Nothing in the permit exempts the City from compliance with any applicable environmental rules, regulations, or laws.

Under the permit, the City may operate the Cefe Valenzuela Landfill 24 hours per day 7 days a week. The initial waste acceptance rate is projected at 500,000 tons per year, with a maximum of 1,000,000 tons per year. These projections do not limit the volume of waste that may be accepted. The permit allows for a total volume of 130,495,000 cubic yards of waste disposal, including the landfill cover material. This capacity is approximately 12 times greater than our J.C. Elliott landfill. The maximum elevation for placement of waste in the landfill is 297.5 feet above msl, giving the landfill an expected life of approximately 100 years.

This state of the art landfill meets stringent design, construction and operation standards to comply with all regulatory standards and laws.