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Corpus Christi Gas is making it easier for builders to offer Natural Gas as a standard feature in all future homes for potential homeowners. The Natural Gas Home Builder Rebate Program will help builders share the commitment with the City of Corpus Christi to provide homeowners with long-term, money-saving opportunities by using efficient Natural Gas appliances. Most all subdivisions in our City are ready to provide homeowners with the convenience of clean-burning and economical Natural Gas energy.

A $1000 rebate will be given to the builder after an inspection confirming the installation of a:

1.    Natural gas water heater

2.    Natural gas connection for the clothes dryer in each home

3.    Natural gas cooktop and/or furnace

Corpus Christi Gas will install up to 100 feet of the service line, and provide an anode-less service riser and meter against the house at a pre-designated point of entry.  Builders are asked to give sufficient notice for service line installation to take place without obstructions for the necessary equipment to dig the trench to install the service line. All gas lines installed inside the house will be the responsibility of the builder. Rebates of $75 for the pool heater and fireplace are still applicable.

The incentive package will be offered to all home builders that commit to building future homes with Natural Gas.


NOTE:  This program cannot be used in conjunction with any other program.


Home Builders Rebate Form »

Please complete the form above and email to:

Paul Vandehey