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CNG or compressed natural gas is a domestically available, economical, clean-burning, alternative fuel source for vehicles. At about one-third the cost of gasoline or diesel, many communication company vans, local public refuse companies, the RTA, and many private CNG vehicle owners are currently taking advantage of the “clean energy” natural gas opportunity by using CNG for their vehicles provided through Corpus Christi Gas. Many companies provide the service of converting vehicles to CNG for cars, light-duty trucks, midsize trucks, buses, vans, and heavy trucks. This process allows almost anyone to take advantage of the financial benefits directly associated with using natural gas as a clean energy alternative fuel choice.

The City of Corpus Christi has numerous vehicles using CNG within the fleet as part of the ongoing effort to clean our environment while changing the economic dynamics of our city. The City’s plan is to provide refueling capability through additional CNG stations and replace as many City vehicles as possible with CNG. Private companies with fleets that drive vehicles daily and record high mileage each year are encouraged to call Corpus Christi Gas for more information on CNG.

The City of Corpus Christi currently operates a public CNG fueling station located at:

            5352 Ayers Street, Bldg 20
            Corpus Christi, Texas  78415

For assistance, call John Flores at (361) 885-6925 or email to