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Corrections to your Street Maintenance Fee charge, requests for a change in land use designation, or requests for a Low Income Discount can be done with the forms provided here. 

The Street Maintenance Fee (SMF) is the main source of money that pays for the Street Preventative Maintenance Program (SPMP). 

The Street Maintenance Fee is calculated based on three things:  Land Use Designation (how your property is used); Trip Factor (how many vehicle trips are created by the people using your property as compared to the car trips created by a single family house); and Living Area Square Footage if your property isn't residential or number of Dwelling Units if your property is residential.  The Living Area Square Footage is based on information from the Nueces County Appraisal District.  The number of dwelling units for residential customers is either equal to one for a single family residence or is based on information in the City's records or Appraisal District records.  Although the rate is the same for every property, the amount that each property is charged will depend on the three things just described.


For questions about your Street Maintenance Fee, contact the SMF Resolution Supervisor at (361) 826-3458.