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A person who engages in lobbying must register with the City Secretary if, with respect to any client, the person engages in lobbying activities for compensation.

Lobbying means any oral or written communication (including electronic communication) to a city official, made directly or indirectly by any person in an effort to influence or persuade an official to favor or oppose, recommend or not recommend, vote for or against, or take or refrain from taking action on a municipal question. See Code of Ordinances for additional details.

Please use the Lobbyist Registration Form to register. Download the form, complete and submit to the City Secretary's Office.

Register to Lobby

Fax: (361) 826-3113


Mail: City Secretary's Office - Lobbyist Registration, City of Corpus Christi, P.O. Box 9277, Corpus Christi, TX  78469-9277

Delivery: City Secretary's Office - City Hall 1201 Leopard, First Floor