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As a member of the general public, you have the right to access certain Animal Care Services records by making a request under the Texas Public Information Act.                        

All requests must be in writing and can be submitted in several ways. E-mail to
       CCACS Public Information Request Form »

       All Public Information Request Forms »

Please be as specific as possible to allow us the opportunity to serve you better. Include enough description and detail in your request (dates, locations, activity numbers, names of persons involved, etc.) so that we can accurately identify and locate the requested items. We may need clarification as to the type or amount of the information being requested if your initial request is vague.

Once we receive your request, it will be placed in order behind the other pending requests we have. You will be given a cost estimate once the requested information is compiled. Rest assured that we'll work on your request as quickly as possible, however, the Public Information Act allows us 10 business days to seek an opinion from the Texas Attorney General's office if it appears your request contains information that may be withheld by statute. You will be notified within 10 business days if a letter to the Attorney General is being sent and copied on all correspondence to the Attorney General.

If you have any questions, you may contact Animal Care Services by calling 311. It is our desire to provide you with the best possible customer service and look forward to assisting you with your request.