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Stage 2 Water Restrictions are in effect

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Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) provides vital services to the public:

  • Conducts disease surveillance, investigations and reporting of communicable diseases in Nueces County. The Texas Notifiable Conditions investigated include food-borne and waterborne infectious diseases, invasive respiratory infectious diseases, zoonotic infectious diseases and multi-drug resistant infectious diseases.
  • Provides information services to the public on preparing and responding to natural and manmade disasters. 



When disaster hits, residents need to be ready. Find resources and start a disaster plan to protect yourself and every member of your family. 



The Health District is currently recruiting qualified volunteers for medical reserve corps to assist them in case of a large scale public health emergency.

The Corpus Christi - Nueces County Public Health District - Medical Reserve Corps Unit (CCPD-MRC Unit) will consist of medical and health volunteers who assist their community during emergencies.  They will provide public health support during disasters and other times of community need. The MRC can assist with such emergencies as the deployment of the strategic National Stockpile or acts of terrorism. MRC volunteers will also provide education and prevention services to improve the health and well-being of their neighborhoods and communities. 

Volunteers will be used in any number of public health preparedness efforts. The Health District will provide specialized training opportunities as well as exercise drills.

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Contact Moriam Ojelade at (361) 826-7251 for more information.



Follow a simple step-by-step online guide to building your plan-including family strategies, handy checklists, and special needs considerations for people with disabilities, the elderly and pets.

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For immediately notifiable diseases, medical professionals can call:
Monday - Friday (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.): (361) 826-7250
After Hours: (361) 533-3183



Moriam Ojelade
(361) 826-7251