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The City Corpus Christi Municipal Court is a Court of Record.

Corpus Christi Municipal Court derives its jurisdiction from Article 4.14 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and Chapter 30 of the Texas Government Code.

The Court presides over Corpus Christi City Ordinances including ordinances that govern fire safety, zoning, public health, sanitation, dumping of refuse and cruelly treated animals.

The Corpus Christi Municipal Court also has authority over statutory offenses occurring within the city limits which are violations of the Texas Penal Code.

State statutes that Corpus Christi Municipal Court preside over include:

  • Class C offenses in the Texas Penal Code.
  • Class C offenses in the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.
  • Class C offenses in the Texas Health Code and Safety Code.
  • Class C offenses in the Texas Transportation Code.


The Court issues emergency protective orders, search warrants and arrest warrants. The Judges of the Court inform individuals of their constitutional and statutory rights and set bail bonds.