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New Website Coming September 2024!

The City Council and City staff have a City Council agenda processing system which is integrated with the live video streaming of City Council meetings.
In addition to the City Council meeting agendas, minutes and video, we also are posting meeting information and video for several Boards and Commissions.  In the future, we hope to provide all Board and Commission agendas and meeting information in this centralized location.  The system is another element of the City's ongoing efforts to provide convenient access to information and increased transparency and accountability.

The Legistar system has six tabs:

  1. City Home - takes you back to the City’s front page.
  2. Legislation - a data search function for City Council action items (it’s a large database so it may take a few minutes to load)
  3. Calendar - a listing of City Council and Board and Commissions meeting dates, times, locations and other details.
  4. City Council - access to the current meeting agendas and live video stream.
  5. Boards and Commissions - access to meeting agendas, minutes and live video stream.
  6. Archived Meetings - access to past meetings, agendas, minutes and videos, organized by year.

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