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Stage 2 Water Restrictions are in effect

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(Residential, Commercial and Industrial)

New Homes AND Additions

A complete submission includes:

  • Building Permit Application
  • Elevation Certificate if within a flood plain. (If you are unsure, please contact our office for the most recent FEMA information regarding your property)
  • Declared Occupancy Use and type of construction
  • Digital Submission
  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Foundation Plan—Sealed and signed by a Professional Engineer licensed by the State of Texas
  • Exterior Elevations—window sills, ceiling heights all types in all rooms, eave heights, exterior wall finishes
  • Roof Plan and Type of Roof Cover
  • Building Section—typical framing members and specifications and all ceiling heights including furr downs, slopes, and vaults
  • Energy Compliance Certificate—for New Homes or Additions
  • Windstorm - Completed Texas Department of Insurance WPI-1 Form
  • Windstorm - Drawing(s) sealed and signed by a Professional Engineer licensed by the State of Texas showing:
    ▷  Hold down locations and capacities
    ▷  Uplift from plate to plate and top plate to rafter connections
    ▷  Shear transfer method
    ▷  Wall studs grade size and max. plate height
    ▷  Labeling of shear and load transferring walls, including detail of fastening methods
    ▷  Anchor bolt sizing and placement and/or method of anchoring to be used
    ▷  Details for non-prescriptive design and/or construction methods
    ▷  Wind load summary
    ▷  A statement that the engineer will maintain a permanent file containing the structural design information for all non-prescriptive components of the structure.
  • Septic System Letter from Health Department if septic system is being used on property
  • Beachfront Construction Projects may be required to obtain a Beachfront Construction Certificate (BCC) or a Dune Protection Permit (Kleberg County only)