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What is a Plat?

A plat is a map showing the salient features of a proposed subdivision submitted to an approving authority for purposes of consideration. A plat map, upon which the sub-divider's plan of the subdivision is presented and which he submits for approval and intends to record in final form, is recorded at the office of the County Clerk for Public Records in the County of jurisdiction.


When is a Plat Required?

When land is divided into two or more tracts for purpose of sale, transfer of ownership or in creating a new building site prior to issuance of a building permit or connecting to City utilities.


Where Is a Plat Required?

Any tract of land located within the corporate limits of the City of Corpus Christi or within five miles of such limits.


How to Plat

Obtain the services of a Professional Civil Engineer or Registered Land Surveyor to prepare a land survey and a drawing of your property.

Once a plat application and plat are submitted to the Department of Development Services, it is forwarded to other City departments and local utility companies for review to determine if the necessary easements and right-of-way have been provided and if water, sewer, or street improvements will be necessary. After all plat submission requirements have been met, the plat is then submitted to the Planning Commission for consideration. The plat is filed for record in the County Map Records after the Planning Commission's approval and any required public improvements (streets, drainage, water and sewer) have been installed and accepted by the City. Plat review cycles 30-Days and can be extended in 30-Day increments.  We recommend 60-Days for Public-Notice Plats.

For additional information about platting, contact Development Services, First Floor of the old Frost Bank Building, 2406 Leopard Street, near the intersection of Port and Leopard, (361) 826-3240.


The Platting Process

An application for land subdivision requires submittal of a drawing (plat) of the proposed subdivision to the Department of Development Services, and a public hearing before the City's Planning Commission. The plat must carry the seal of a licensed surveyor and meet all the plat submission requirements. (Refer to the "Requirements for Plat Submittals" on the Application for Land Subdivision.)

A pre-application conference with City staff is encouraged, and can save the engineer/surveyor time by obtaining information from various departments such as gas, water, etc. Pre-application conferences can be scheduled by calling or writing to the Department of Development Services one week in advance. A pre-application conference is required for plats not in the City limits, and for Planned-Unit Developments.

The Technical Review Committee (representatives from City staff, local public utilities and service providers) will review the plat for compliance with easement, street, water, wastewater, gas, storm water and park requirements and/or fees and provide comments. The applicant should submit their responses and revision prior to scheduling for Planning Commission.

The proposed plat will then proceed to a public hearing before the Planning Commission.  The owner/developer and engineer/surveyor are strongly encouraged to attend the Planning Commission meeting. If the property falls under public notification requirements (see below), all neighboring property owners within 200 feet of the subject property within the original subdivision will be notified at least 15 days before the hearing. The notice will advise the surrounding property owners of their right to appear at the public hearing and express an opinion or submit written comments on the plat application. A notice will also be placed in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the plat is being considered a minimum of 15 days before the Planning Commission hearing. If the proposed replat requires a variance, and if the owners of at least 20 percent of the land area within the 200-foot notification area submit written opposition to the application, a ¾ vote majority of the Planning Commission is required to approve the plat application. Public Notification Requirement: A plat application is subject to public notification if during the past five years any of the area to be replatted has been limited by an interim or permanent zoning classification or limited by deed restriction to residential use of not more than two residential units per lot.

After reviewing the plat at the public hearing, the Planning Commission will make a decision on the application. A vote of approval will be contingent upon all conditions and/or fees being met.

After the engineer/surveyor has submitted a final copy of the plat to the Department of Development Services with all conditions met, and after all fees have been paid by the owner/engineer, the plat will be filed for record in the Nueces County Courthouse (excluding preliminary plats).

As a general rule, the time period involved from the date of a completed application to the filing of the plat for record is two months. This time period will vary depending on whether the property falls under public notification requirements and the meeting of all conditions and/or fee requirements by the owner/developer and engineer/surveyor.


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