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Having a big dog or several cats as part of the extended family may not always be a good idea. Sometimes pets are not for everyone, and unfortunately, many are surrendered daily to overcrowded shelters that need to house other animals in need.

Making the decision to give up your pet can be a difficult one. We encourage you to consider rehoming your pet through our new program Home to Home before bringing a pet to Animal Care Services.


Home to Home Program

Animal Care Services (ACS) is partnering with the Home-to-Home Program to offer another option to residents to rehome pets.

The Home-to-Home program allows pet owners the opportunity to find new homes, reducing stress on the animal and relieving overcrowding at local shelters.  

This is how it works:

  1. Find a participating Shelter: Corpus Christi Animal Care Services.
  2. Complete a profile by uploading photos of your pet.
  3. Once approved, your pet’s profile will be published and promoted online using social media platforms.
  4. If someone is interested in your pet, you will receive a notification by email.  

Home-to-Home is a free service; there are no charges to list a pet ready to be adopted. ACS also suggests getting medical information about the new pet and taking them to a veterinarian to get a wellness exam.

“I believe this is a critical partnership and vital way to re-home our furry friends who would otherwise be surrendered with no home,” Mayor Paulette M. Guajardo said.

If you are ready to participate in the program by either setting up a pet for adoption or looking for a new member for your family, visit:


Surrender Your Pet to CCACS

We only accept owned pets when kennel space exists and by appointment only. Appointments are required so the shelter can ensure we have the necessary resources and available housing to take in your pet. Please be aware that owned animals brought to CCACS can be immediately humanely euthanized if inadequate space exists, if the animal is not highly adoptable, or if the animal appears to be ill or injured. To make an appointment, please come to 2626 Holly Road and fill out the appropriate form.