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The City of Corpus Christi Animal Care Ordinances are listed under Chapter 6, of the Municipal Code of Ordinances. The ordinance has eight articles.                                                


Municipal Code of Ordinances: Chapter 6, Animal Care and Control

Articles include General Provisions, Registrations, Commercial Permits and Fees, Administrative Proceedings, Animal and Rabies Control, Care and Keeping of Animals, Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries, and Beekeeping. The following link will take you to the Municode site. 

       Animal Care Code of Ordinances »

       Animal Permit Application » 


Additional Information

* Editor's note: Ord. No. 026046, § 1, adopted Dec. 14, 2004, amended Ch. 6 in its entirety to read as herein set out. Former Ch. 6, §§ 6-1--6-63, pertained to similar subject matter and derived from Ord. No. 16135, § 1, adopted Mar. 25, 1981. See the Code Comparative Table for full derivation.

Cross references: Animal control advisory board, §§ 2-115, 2-116; disposition of dead animals, §§ 21-17, 21-21; keeping green bones of dead animals, § 23-62; animals and birds producing loud noises, § 31-5(c); poison used in pest control to be made unpalatable to cats and dogs, § 40-5; driving animal-drawn vehicles across railroad tracks, § 47-11; animals in tourist courts, § 51-22; obedience to traffic regulations by persons riding or driving animals, § 53-43.

State law references: Health and safety of animals, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 821.001 et seq.; registration of dogs and cats, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 826.031 et seq.; treatment of live birds, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 821.003; dangerous wild animals, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 822.101 et seq.; subchapter of state law does not preempt municipal regulation or prohibition of dangerous wild animals, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 822.116(b); local regulation of dangerous dogs, non-breed specific, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 822.047.

Federal law reference-- "Service animal" defined for purposes of Americans with Disabilities Act, 28 CFR 36.104.