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The City’s Public Works Department is responsible for the management of various construction and non-construction-related activities within the City’s right of way (ROW). ROW is public-owned land/property, including streets, sidewalks, and area behind the curb to the property lines. Permits and licenses are required to operate in the City’s right of way. To ensures public safety and mobility, the Public Works Department verifies ROW activities following City, State, and Federal standards. This includes providing traffic planning, review, and inspection.


Blockage Permit

The City prohibits work or activities that in any way obstruct a street, sidewalk or other similar public place except those operating according to a valid Public Right-of-Way Blockage Permit.


Do I need a Public Right-of-Way Blockage Permit?

You need a Public Right-of-Way Blockage Permit if you are going to be doing work on, in, under, above, or around any public street, highway, roadway, alley or sidewalk and the street has to be partially or completely closed for your construction or maintenance project

AND if your project requires that you dig within all or part of the width of any public right-of-way

OR your project requires that any of your equipment, materials, debris, or workers will be using all or a part of the width of any public right-of-way.


ROW Permits:

Driveway/Sidewalk   | Excavation  | Parking   | Sidewalk Cafe
Valet                         | Vendor         | Temporary Use of Right of Way


First-Time Applying for a ROW Permit with the City?

The first step to request or apply for a Right of Way Permit is to register with the City of Corpus Christi. The applicant must fill out a Contractor Registration form that is required for City Departments to obtain License Holder’s Information and be able to communicate with the contractor. Please click on the link to fill out the required form and submit it back to the department:

Contractor Registration Form »

After this step is completed, the applicant may proceed to file a ROW application listed in the Forms and Documents section.


How do I get a Public Right-of-Way Blockage Permit?

The Public Right-of-Way Blockage Permit is in addition to the Street Excavation Permit that is issued by Public Works. There is a fee for the Permit which must be paid before the Permit can be issued. There is an additional fee if your construction dumpster has to be put in a parking lane due to lack of space otherwise. On September 6, 2022, the Corpus Christi City Council adopted a consolidated fee schedule for the right of way management. The new fees will go into effect on February 1, 2023. For more information, on Right of Way Definitions & Fees, click the button below.

Right of Way (ROW) Definitions & Fees

When you submit your Public Right-of-Way Blockage Permit application, you will need to include the following documents:

1.  The application

2.  An Information Sheet about the project

3.  A Traffic Control Plan if there will be a street lane or sidewalk closure

4.  A signed Indemnity Agreement with the City of Corpus Christi as an Additional Insured

5.  Proof of insurance as required (for both blockage and, if needed, a construction dumpster)


Right of Way Management Team


Physical Address: 
City of Corpus Christi City Hall
1201 Leopard St,
Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Mailing Address:
City of Corpus Christi City Hall
Attn: Right of Way Permit Management Team
1201 Leopard St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401