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Emergency Alert

The City of Corpus Christi has implemented four new programs for customers impacted by the winter storm. Learn more at

  • Gas Utility Bill Mitigation Program
  • Water Utility Bill Relief Program
  • Off-Cycle Brush Removal Plan
  • Emergency Plumbing Repair Program

Consultants are instructed to use the most current version of the Front End Construction Contract Documents Templates when designing a project.  Instructions are provided below on how to fill out the template along with submittal requirements for delivery of bidding documents.

The City of Corpus Christi Engineering Services Department issued the original Plan Preparation Standards and Contract Format document on January 30, 2001.  The purpose of this document was to establish, define and clarify the requirements for preparing all project drawings for the City of Corpus Christi, including private developer plans, as applicable. Addendum No. 1 was issued on June 23, 2005, and Addendum No. 2 was released on July 12, 2007. Some references and terms are dated since 2007 (to be addressed in future updates), but essential elements are still applicable. Please check with the City Project Manager for any questions. 

All A/E consultant submittals of construction bid documents (such as Engineering Letter Reports, 60% Designs, 90% Designs, bid documents, etc.) to Engineering Services must be accompanied by the completed Design Submittal Checklist.

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