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The City has created the Neighborhood Services Department to unify Animal Care Services, Code Enforcement, Grant Monitoring, Homeless Services & Workforce Housing “under one roof” to provide better accessibility to services and more efficiently resolve issues while focusing on safety, revitalization, and stability of our neighborhoods.

Enhance our citizens’ quality of life by consolidating neighborhood services under one department to promote and support neighborhood sustainability, growth, and safety.

Connecting residents to services, promoting long-term property maintenance, fostering revitalization, and supporting in-fill housing efforts will bring lasting improvement to appearance, value, safety, and stability in our neighborhoods that strengthens our community, city-wide.

To better serve the community, the Department focuses services at the neighborhood level to identify and correct specific issues and problems. The Neighborhood Services Department is responsible to resolve code compliance and animal care matters that affect individuals and their homes, neighborhoods, and the larger community. The Neighborhood Services Department provides information, connections to assistance, administers funding, and monitors programs that directly contribute to the wellness and stability of neighborhoods throughout the City of Corpus Christi.

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April 29, 2021

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Contact Information

For Neighborhood Services

Address: 1201 Leopard Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Animal Care Services
(361) 826-4630

Code Enforcement
(361) 826-3046

Grant Monitoring
 (361) 826-3010

Homeless Services and Workforce Housing
(361) 826-3190


Assistant Director:
Tracey K. Cantu

Assistant Director:
Jennifer Buxton

Neighborhood Services

Rent & Utility Assistance

The City of Corpus Christi has received federal funds from the U.S. Department of the Treasury to provide those financially impacted by COVID-19 with rent and utility assistance.

ADA Assistance and Place of Public Accommodations

Persons with disabilities, who require additional assistance or a reasonable accommodation request regarding City services, programs, activities, and facilities, can contact the City at least 48 hours in advance for assistance by calling (361) 826-3124.

CCACS Volunteer Program

City of Corpus Christi Animal Care Services is seeking dedicated and long term volunteers. We have revamped the volunteer program and are looking for volunteers to assist us with daily activities.

Homebuyer Assistance Program

NOTICE: The Homebuyer Assistance Program is no longer taking applications at this time. The application process will reopen if additional funds are made available.

Homeless Issues Partnership (HIP)

Homeless Issues Partnership (HIP) is a non-profit organization and is Corpus Christi's Homeless Coalition which meets on a monthly basis to discuss homeless issues in the area, services offered by agencies, barriers which are faced, and works towards solutions which can be achieved.

Housing Development Fee Waivers for Non-qualifying Homebuyers

The City of Corpus Christi has approved $100,000 in fee waivers for home builders developing affordable housing on infill lots.

Neighborhood Clean-up Container

Residents needing assistance to bring their property into compliance with property maintenance standards may apply to use the Neighborhood Clean-up Container to dispose of debris / solid waste on their property.

Neighborhood Registry

The Neighborhood Registry is a database of self-registered neighborhood associations and other community organizations, maintained by the City of Corpus Christi Neighborhood Services Department.

Online Self-Service Center

View online services, make payments, complete registrations, and file reports. Our Online Self-Service Center connects you with the City of Corpus Christi's Customer Call Center for the fastest response times.