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The Corpus Christi Public Libraries is seeking the services of dedicated volunteers to supplement the efforts of paid library staff in providing quality library service. For more information please contact the Volunteer Liaison at any Corpus Christi Public Library. 

Library volunteers must comply with City policies and must complete all required placement forms. Long-term volunteers must be willing to submit to a background check and commit to at least a six month period. Individuals volunteering for one-time special events are not required to submit to a background check. Upon approval volunteers will be required to attend a library orientation session. The Library often seeks applicants for the following Volunteer Positions:


Enhance the services of the Corpus Christi Public Libraries by assisting staff in shelving materials. Volunteers are needed at the main library and all branch locations.

Responsibilities and required skills 
Library material must be sensitized, sorted, organized and shelved according to the Dewey Decimal classification system (alphabetical and numerical). Shelve areas must be kept clean and organized.
Volunteers must have good organizational skills and the ability to learn the Dewey Decimal classification system.

  • Must be able to stand, reach, lift, squat, bend, and stretch when shelving materials.
  • Must be able to push book carts when loaded with materials.
  • When shelving materials on top shelves it may be necessary to use a step stool.
  • Must be willing to follow directions and interact with staff in a positive manner.
  • Training will be provided.


Assist staff with the mending and discarding of materials. Volunteers are needed at the main library.

Responsibilities and required skills 
Volunteers perform minor book repairs using standard book mending supplies. DVDs and audio books, with reported defects, are reviewed and findings are recorded. Under supervision of staff, volunteers remove material from shelves which have become outdated or are no longer checking out and assist with withdrawing process.

  • Volunteers must be willing to follow directions and interact with staff in a positive manner.
  • Must have good hand dexterity when mending books.
  • Must be able to hear and have good visual perception when reviewing DVDs and audio books, be able to reach, lift and squat.


Assist staff with processing donated materials. Volunteers are needed at all locations.

Responsibilities and required skills
Volunteer searches library catalog to see if donated material is owned by library, search results are noted.Volunteers assist with adding barcodes, book jackets and labels. If item is kept for replacement purposes, volunteer inputs data into Excel worksheet.

  • Basic computer knowledge and search skills are required for searching library catalog.
  • Basic knowledge of Excel and ability to enter data accurately into Excel worksheet is required.
  • Training will be provided.
  • Ability to lift and bend when taking materials out of boxes.
  • Must be able to work around dust as donations are often housed in dust filled boxes.


Assist library staff in cultivating and maintaining the outdoor potted plants and gardens at the Owen R. Hopkins Public Library and Janet F. Harte libraries.

Responsibilities and required skills 
Assistance is sought with fertilizing, watering, weeding, pruning and mulching of the gardens and potted plants.

  • Volunteer must have a basic knowledge of gardening and be able to work with basic gardening tools.
  • Individual must be willing to work outdoors and work independently.
  • Must be able to kneel, stand, reach and pull.


Assist in the Local History department at the La Retama Central Library.

Responsibilities and required skills 
Assist library staff with gathering obituary information from 1930s newspaper to be inputted into database. Assist with archive projects.

  • Must be able to work with microfilm equipment (training provided).
  • Hand dexterity required to turn handle on equipment, must have legible writing to record obituary information.
  • Must be able to work with detail and have concentration when working on archive inventory project.


Assist with various children’s services.

Responsibilities and required skills 
Volunteers can assist with some of the following tasks related to children services: clean covers of children’s books, prepare craft supplies prior to craft time activity; assist with craft and story time; assist with distribution of Summer Reading Club forms and information; assist with special children’s events.

  • Ability to work with children and their parents.
  • Must be able to work with scissors, glue and other supplies when preparing crafts or assisting children with crafts.