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How to Make Public Comment at a Council Meeting:

  • To speak during the 12-noon public comment period, persons must sign up before the meeting begins.
  • Persons may sign up in-person in the Council Chambers. (COMING SOON – citizens will be able to sign up on the City’s website)
  • Please state your name and address at the start of your comment.
  • Each speaker is limited to no more than three minutes.
  • Persons may speak only once regarding an agenda item, either during the 12-noon public comment period or when the Council is considering the item, but not both.
  • If speakers have a petition or any handouts pertaining to their subject matter, please present them to the City Secretary prior to speaking. The City Secretary will distribute them to the Council.
  • Please address your remarks to the whole Council, rather than to a specific member.
  • Questions of Council or staff are inappropriate.
  • Any electronic media that a citizen would like to use during their presentation may only be introduced into the City’s system IF approved by the City’s IT department at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. Please contact the Communications Department at (361) 826-3223 to coordinate.