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Everhart Road Under Construction Map

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Everhart Road is a 5-mile roadway, which is bounded by Oso Parkway to the south and ends a quarter mile north of Alameda Street alongside Lamar Park. Everhart Road has been a major transportation route for the City of Corpus Christi and is a primary arterial roadway with an average daily traffic ranging from 15,000 to 37,000 according to TxDOT traffic counts obtained in 2016. According to the UTP, Everhart Road should have a 95’ R.O.W. and a 64’ from the back of the curb to the back of the curb. The existing roadway is within an 80’ R.O.W. and is 63’ from the back of the curb to the back of the curb. This project would focus on the reconstruction of the 1.4-mile section, from S.H. 358 (South Padre Island Drive) to Alameda Street.

Everhart Road is designated in the UTP as a five-lane A-1 Minor Arterial, which is a four-lane with a continuous center turn lane. Sidewalks are currently 4 feet wide and will be upgraded to 5’ wide throughout the project. Everhart Road is not included in the Bicycle Mobility Plan; however, McArdle Road is designated as a one-way cycle track.

The proposed improvements for this project include curb and gutter, driveways, storm water drainage improvements, potable water improvements (domestic water distribution and fire protection), water transmission improvements, wastewater improvements, traffic signal improvements, gas improvements, I.T. and street lighting improvements (by AEP), and construction of ADA-compliant pedestrian improvements. Associated improvements such as pavement markings, signage, and traffic control/construction sequencing will be made as required. Right-of-way (ROW) acquisition is not anticipated for this project.