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Informal Staff Report: Driveway Spacing Standards »
Driveway permit application review is grounded previous City of Corpus Christi Engineering documents such as the Manual of Driveway Design and Construction Standards. Some essential portions of the code were not properly translated to the current version of Unified Development Code. Staff has relied on interpretations of the code in order to bring efficiency and clarity to the driveway permitting process. 

Informal Staff Report: Street Hammerhead Design Standard »
Permitted alternatives to cul-de-sacs include loop lanes, hammerheads and any similar alternatives approved by the Technical Review Committee and meeting the minimum requirements of the International Fire Code, under Unified Development Code Section 8.2.1.G. Development Services has seen an increase in the use of hammerheads in subdivision design, but there are no existing City engineering design standards on hammerheads.

Unified Development Code (UDC) Nonconforming Improvements or Structures Interpretation »
Policy interpretation of Section 9.4.2 Government Acquisition – Where a lot is occupied by a lawful structure and where government acquisition of right of way, by eminent domain, dedication or purchase creates noncompliance of the structure regarding the development standards in Article 4, the structure shall be deemed a conforming structure.  In the event that such structure is partially or totally destroyed by natural or accidental causes, the structure may be rebuilt in its original location upon issuance of a building permit in accordance with Section 3.18.

Unified Development Code (UDC) Trust Fund Policy Interpretation »
Policy interpretation of Section 8.5.1.C. Credits and Reimbursements 2. Distribution Main Extension determination is provided to ensure the equitable and correct assessment of credits and reimbursements for developer installed water lines.

Whether Lack of Sidewalk Alone is a Required or Necessary “Extension of Municipal Facilities” that Prevents “Minor” or “Amending” Plat Categorization »
When determining whether a replat is categorized as an amending plat or a minor plat, staff evaluates whether an “extension of municipal facilities” is required or made necessary by the replat. For a replat involving the relocation or removal of a lot line or lines, that results in one single residential lot, the question arises whether lack of sidewalk alone is a required or necessary “extension of municipal facilities,” that excludes the replat from the category of amending or minor plats.

UDC Site Plan Interpretation »
Section 3.17.1.B - Site Plan Review of the Unified Development Code (UDC) requires all site plans be prepared, signed and sealed by a state licensed Engineer. Section 1001.056 - Construction or Repair of and Plans for Certain Buildings” of the Texas Engineering Practice Act (TEPA) outlines thresholds when a state licensed Engineer must be engaged to prepare engineering plans and specifications. This interpretation reconciles UDC site plan requirements with TEPA engagement thresholds.