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Super Bags measure L 96" x W 48" x H 30" and may be loaded up to 2,200 lbs. Prior to filling the bag, select a place within 15 feet from the curb to ensure it is accessible for collection. The sidewalk and street must be kept free from obstructions.


  1. Begin by laying the Super Bag flat in a place accessible for collection.

    A man and his son opening the super bag
  2. Step inside the bag and roll the sides down and out from the top to help the bag take shape. The straps must remain outside of the bag during and after filling. 
  3. Asphalt, brick, concrete, roof shingles, dirt, sand, rock, sod or drywall must be loaded first to a height not to exceed ten inches from the bottom and as evenly as possible.

    pieces of wood in a super bag
  4. Top the Super Bag with lighter items but ensure that the contents do not extend past the top of the bag.
  5. Roll the sides up as necessary to continue to fill the Super Bag.
  6. Once the bag is filled and ready to be hauled away, simply call 311 to schedule the collection. A truck will collect the bag within three business days.

    solid waste worker assisting to pick up the bag