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Emergency Alert

Stage 2 Water Restrictions are in effect

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Beach Flags & Hazard Surf Conditions

Green Flag  Green – Go
Conditions are calm. Swim with care.

Yellow Flag  Yellow – Caution
Caution should be used when entering any body of water. This flag is flown for normal conditions to remind swimmers to stay alert.

Red Flag  Red – Stop
Flown when conditions are shown to be out of the ordinary, such as the presence of strong wind, strong current, or large surf. Adult swimmers should stay in water no more than waist-deep and non-swimmers and children should be kept along the surf line.

Purple Flag  Purple – Marine Life
Indicates a potential problem with Jellyfish, Portuguese man-o-war, stingrays or other marine life that could be a hazard to swimmers.

Orange Flag  Orange – Environmental
Indicates there is an environmental warning for air and/or water quality. Ask the lifeguard for more details.