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Proposed UDC Amendment February 6, 2019 » 
Proposed UDC Amendment being presented to the Planning Commission on February 6, 2019. Amending the requirements for posted public notice signs per UDC Posted Notice. The proposed amendments requires that City staff will be responsible for posting the public notice sign to verify that it is clearly visible to the general public, and, effective January 2020, change the minimum standard size for 3 square feet to 4 square feet.

Proposed UDC Amendment February 26, 2019 »
Proposed UDC Amendment being presented to City Council on January 9, 2019. Amending the distance required between UDC 5.2.7. Bar, Tavern, and Pub to church and schools. The distance is being amending to become congruent with Corpus Christi Municipal Code Section 4-5.(a) and TABC Section [109.33]