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(Residential, Commercial and Industrial)

Type A funds have been used to provide an incentive for other businesses to either bring them to Corpus Christi or to incentivize them to expand their existing businesses. Some accomplishments include:


AC Distribution:
Invested $4,312,109 and added 27 jobs.

Invested $7,113,268 and created 70 new jobs and retained 382 jobs.


Commercial Metals Company (CMC):
Invested $25,000,000 and 51 new and retained jobs for a new metal recycling plant on Highway 44 which opened in 2012.


Turner Industries Group:
Invested $13 million and created 200 new jobs which opened in 2010.


Susser Holdings:
Invested $5,060,629 and brought in 71 more personnel into their headquarters on Ayers Street for a total of 287 employees.


Kanon Services:
Oil Services company investing $3,700,000 and creating 40 new jobs.


Majek Boatworks:
Investing $1,050,000 and creating and retaining 51 jobs to expand their nationally known boat manufacturing plant.


Oneta Company:
The last independent Pepsi bottler south of Dallas, will invest $5,000,000 and create 31 new jobs and retain 64 jobs.


HEB Bakery:
A Texas icon, scheduled invest up to $17,000,000 and retain 388 jobs.


Hausman Foods:
Local meat processing company will add an extra shift and personnel to sell their products. They will create 52 jobs and invest $2.1 million.


CC Cold Storage:
They will renovate the only cold storage facility in the area with a $1.5 million investment.


Sam Kane Meat Processors:
Sam Kane has been a fixture in the community. They created 70 jobs.