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Hike & Bike to Fitness


It is always a great time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. One of the most exciting initiatives the Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department has to connect the community with our stunning natural settings is the development of an off-street hike and bike trail system.

The 2012 Parks Master Plan established a preliminary layout for a trail system that will connect people to our major investment parks and complement existing trails within the park system such as those at West Guth, Salinas, and Suter Parks.

These concepts were further developed into the Hike & Bike CC Mobility Plan, as well as the Strategic Plan for Active Mobility completed by the Corpus Christi Metropolitan Planning Organization. “In developing the Bicycle Mobility Network that is prescribed in our Strategic Plan, community members indicated that they prefer to ride bicycles as far away from cars as possible. We were able to substitute a full quarter of the Bike Mobility Network—65 miles—with off-road trail connections. These trails will offer a tremendous fitness and recreation opportunity as well as providing a transportation connection that is, in some cases, much shorter and more convenient than the equivalent trip by car,” said Jeffrey Pollack, CCMPO Transportation Planning Director.

While the entire network of hike and bike trails will become a reality over the next few decades, the department already offers options for outdoor exercise from our pedestrian-only trails to our hike and bike trails to off-road trails for mountain biking.

Our pedestrian-only trails are located at the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve. These are open from dawn until dusk and offer four miles of walking treks, as well as, wildlife viewing for the entire family to enjoy.

If you are looking for a scenic route for walking, running and biking, the Corpus Christi Bay Trail is a great route to explore. It is eight miles long and runs from the South Texas Museum of Art to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. This trail, heavily used each day, boasts beautiful ocean views, the occasional food vendor and seven parks including Cole Park and North Bayfront Park. Several miles of this trail run along Ocean Drive so be sure to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. 

If an eight-mile trek is too ambitious for you, consider enjoying the fresh coastal breeze in the shadow of the USS Lexington as you stroll down the Corpus Christi Beachwalk on North Beach.  

The trail at West Guth Park is another great way to enjoy time with the family and get in a great workout. We recently installed an outdoor fitness station to provide additional opportunities to exercise.

The new Bear Creek Hike and Bike Trail connects parks, schools, and neighborhoods between Bill Witt and Oso Creek Parks. This one and a half mile path of decomposed granite and concrete is great for all ages to enjoy. Nearby, are the off-road bike trails which are part of Oso Creek Park and will eventually connect with the Bear Creek Trail. These bike trails have been created throughout the park with the help of volunteers and follow the natural terrain as it transitions from South Texas brushland down to the Oso Creek.

In addition, the new Schanen Hike and Bike Trail which runs from Yorktown and Saratoga Boulevards along the Schanen storm waterway is over a mile long gravel and concrete trail that connects Snead, Whales, Cedar Ridge, and Breckenridge Parks along its route. A ribbon cutting for the trail is scheduled for October 15, 2016, at 10 am. We invite you and your family to join us as we celebrate.

The community invested in the Bear Creek and Schanen hike and bike trails through voter-approved 2008 and 2012 bonds, totaling $2 million. Additional funding came from TxDOT grants, community enrichment funds and partnerships, totaling approximately $1 million. We have plans to continue to utilize more of the city’s stormwater infrastructure to expand our network of hike and bike trails, parks and greenbelts.

Read more about the department’s plans for hike and bike trails in the 2012 Parks Master Plan.

The trails provide an affordable way to exercise and connect our community to the places where we live, learn and play! So grab your bike or running shoes today and make our parks and trails your everyday outdoor gym.

(Published 10-4-16; updated 3-13-2020)


Bear Creek and Schanen Hike and Bike Trail Funding:

2008 and 2012 Voter-Approved Bonds

TxDOT Grant via the Corpus Christi Metropolitan Planning Organization

Community Enrichment Grant


Featured Trails:

Schanen Hike & Bike Trail (sitemap)

Bear Creek Hike & Bike Trail (sitemap)

Corpus Christi Bay Trail (brochure with map; hike & bike)

Corpus Christ Beachwalk

West Guth Park Trail

Salinas Park Trail

Hans & Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge Trails

Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve Trails (pedestrian-only; no bikes) (sitemap)


Parks Along the Trails:

Bill Witt Park

Cimarron Park

Oso Creek Park

Snead Park

Whales Park

Breckenridge Parks

Cedar Ridge Park

Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve

Bayfront Park

McCaughan Park

Vishal Bhagat Dog Park

Old City Hall Park

Sherrill Veterans Memorial Park

Cole Park

Ropes Park

Doddridge Park

Swantner Park

Palmetto Park

Poenisch Park


Lisa Oliver, Community Relations and Engagement Superintendent

Phone: (361) 826-3132