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The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department will implement park improvements that will include 14 playground units with shade structures in the neighborhood, niche and community parks as identified in the current 10-year Parks Master Plan Needs Assessment. The project will replace older playground equipment with new shade structures, a rubber fall zone with a concrete sub-base, and ADA-compliant pathing to the playground units. (News Release 1-11-2022)



Academy Park  I  1000 Comal Street  

Brookhill Park  I  13121 Shelton Boulevard

McNorton Park  I  9036 Caroline Road

Cuiper Park  I  2717 Cuiper Street

Sam Houston Park  I  1629 Brentwood Drive

Sherwood Park  I  4100 Linden Street

Temple Park  I  3825 Niagara Street

Douden Park  I  13614 Port Royal Court

Retta Park  I  2441 Vialoux Drive

Windsor Park  I  628 Sheridan Drive

Brandywine Park  I  2601 Summer Ridge Drive

Brighton Park  I  6517 Brockhampton Street

Captain Falcon Park  I  4718 Oso Parkway

Crossgate Park  I  5307 Crossvalley Drive