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Emergency Alert

City officials and public safety officers continue to monitor weather conditions. Please protect people, property, pets, and plants during cold weather. Visit for more information.

The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department will implement park improvements that will include 14 playground units with shade structures in the neighborhood, niche and community parks as identified in the current 10-year Parks Master Plan Needs Assessment. The project will replace older playground equipment with new shade structures, a rubber fall zone with a concrete sub-base, and ADA-compliant pathing to the playground units. (News Release 1-11-2022)



Academy Park  I  1000 Comal Street  

Brookhill Park  I  13121 Shelton Boulevard

McNorton Park  I  9036 Caroline Road

Cuiper Park  I  2717 Cuiper Street

Sam Houston Park  I  1629 Brentwood Drive

Sherwood Park  I  4100 Linden Street

Temple Park  I  3825 Niagara Street

Douden Park  I  13614 Port Royal Court

Retta Park  I  2441 Vialoux Drive

Windsor Park  I  628 Sheridan Drive

Brandywine Park  I  2601 Summer Ridge Drive

Brighton Park  I  6517 Brockhampton Street

Captain Falcon Park  I  4718 Oso Parkway

Crossgate Park  I  5307 Crossvalley Drive