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Meetings are held at the City of Corpus Christi Water Utilities Conference Room, 2726 Holly Road, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Interested in serving on the committee?

If you are interested in serving on the Water Resources Advisory Committee, please contact the City Secretary's office at (361) 826-3105 or email

View a list of current members, agendas, vacancies, application forms and other information about the committee on the City Secretary's Board and Commission website.

Members and Terms

The Water Resources Advisory Committee consists of nine members who represent various community interests.

The advisory committee is appointed by the Mayor, with the approval of the Council, for one and two-year terms of office. All committee members serve without compensation.

Committee Duties

The advisory committee provides advice to the City Council, City Manager, and Water Superintendent in matters of water resources management. The City Council, City Manager and Water Superintendent may refer matters to the committee to obtain their views. Members of the advisory committee:

Develop a thorough understanding of the water issues including, but not limited to the following,

‌• Corpus Christi Reservoir System and the supplemental water resources

‌• Water usage

‌• Reservoir system operations

‌• Water Distribution

‌• Local and regional water demand

‌• Pass through requirements

‌• Water quality requirements

‌• Drought management planning

‌• Water conservation issues

‌• Federal, state and local regulations governing water

Monitor the effectiveness of the City's planning, policies and ordinances relating to pass through requirements, water supply development, water quality, drought management and water conservation issues.

Advise the Mayor and Council on the appropriateness of the City's current ordinances relating to water supply, treatment, distribution and conservation of water resources.

From time to time the committee may suggest changes, expansions, and deletions to those ordinances.

The committee will also advise the Mayor and Council on issues and activities to operate efficiently and to comply with all regulatory requirements.

Adopted September 28, 2002